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Comprehensive Data Destruction In London And The South East

Ensure you meet your legal and moral obligations with our extensive, secure data destruction process.

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Call us on 01227 470007 or Email Enquiries@Bioteknik.Net for a personalised quote!
We at Bioteknik offer a professional data destruction service to small businesses, education and local government bodies and multi-national companies. Ensure any sensitive data you are legally required to dispose of is safely and expertly destroyed by following our three-stage process. From our warehouse in Canterbury, we service London and the South East but can arrange to collect your equipment from anywhere in the UK.

Our data destruction techniques are second to none and we will take legal responsibility for the full and permanent destruction of your data, whether the information is stored on Hard Disk Drives, Optical Media (such as DVD/CD media) or Tape Media.

For large corporations and government institutions, we also offer an additional service where the data is wiped to NSA & CESG Business Impact Level 5 security standards involving a Higher Level approved Degausser

We offer onsite Degaussing, so your data doesn’t even have to leave your place of work. This service covers NSA & CESG Business Impact Level 5 security standards.

Please contact us to discuss this service further.

All processes ensure we meet and exceed GDPR requirements

  • Signed IT agreement between you & us ensures any hardware that contains data becomes our responsibility

  • Your data media is collected by our trained, insured staff and taken in a secure vehicle to our 24/7 monitored warehousing

  • 3 options are available on how we destroy Data (Shredding, Software wipe, Degaussing)

  • Hard disk drives are subjected to a three-stage wiping process, ensuring that the data is deleted beyond recovery

  • The final stage involves the physical shredding of the media. The hard disk, tape and optical media are shredded to tiny 2mm particles

  • Finally, you receive a data destruction certificate showing serial numbers if applicable, as well as type & volume of media

  • We also offer onsite Data destruction so data never has to leave the work place.

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Why should you destroy your data?

Under the 2018 GDPR, as a data holder, it is a legal requirement to ensure all appropriate measures are taken to prevent unauthorised access, accidental loss or alteration of data and to facilitate the destruction of personal data.

Failure to adhere to a secure hard drive destruction process under the 2018 GDPR can result in prosecution with very high fines levied at company owners. Simply smashing your hard drives or deleting the files will not typically be enough to ensure your data is completely inaccessible and could lead to major issues if the remaining information is accessed by criminals. Not only does the introduction of GDPR mean that your business could be struck with heavy fines, but a breach of sensitive data could be a massive hit to your company reputation, leading to further losses in revenue.


Data security is becoming an increasingly prevalent topic as consumers become more aware of the responsibilities business owners have to protect them so ensuring your old hard drives are destroyed is a vital business process.

What happens if data can’t be destroyed?

Should a data wipe be insufficient to protect your sensitive data from recovery, we will recommend a hard drive destruction service to ensure that data stored on your machines cannot be recovered. By following the full process of wiping, degaussing and shredding, you can be assured that any confidential data which needs to be disposed of by you or your business is physically impossible to access.

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Our dedication to sustainability

We avoid sending equipment to landfill sites at all costs and recycle virtually everything that comes to us. The process of recycling redundant IT equipment allows us to recover precious and scarce metals to be used again.

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